.inna fedorova

Artist and art activist. Rostov-on-Don, Russia
The artist began career at plein-airs of the historical center of Rostov-on-Don. She graduated from the Rostov Art College named after M.B. Grekova and the Faculty of Graphic Arts of the Southern Federal University.

She became interested in urban planning and development policy, alternative models of society organization, public spaces, ecology. Inna Fedorova is an organizer of events protecting Rostov-on-Don identity, its monuments and cultural codes. She is a member of the All-Russian Society for the Preservation of Historical and Cultural Monuments and a participant of creative self-organizations "Laundry", "N.U. Cheblin", laboratory "Turnichki". Works of the last years are synthesis of painting, photography, installation, performance and objects.
Inna Fedorova
Works of Inna Fedorova
Works of Inna Fedorova