.andrey dukhovnikov

Graphic artist, director of the Vitebsk Center of the Modern Art. Vitebsk (Belarus).
The artist was born in the Lenger town in the south of Kazakhstan. He drew as he could, coping book illustration, reproductions and photographs. He moved to Belarus with family when he was 16. In 1987 he became a student of art-graphic faculty of Vitebsk University. In this city everything is saturated with art of Vitebsk art school. Here the artist realized he was doing his job.

Andrey Dukhovnikov is an artist, researcher and teacher. He is a scientific consultant of the documentary film «Unovis» of the studio «Belarusfilm». He is a specialist of El Lissitzky legacy. The main task of his artworks is search of individual manner and new ways of art based on personal fantasy.
Andrey Dukhovnikov
Works of Andrey Dukhovnikov
Works of Andrey Dukhovnikov