.oksana begma

Artist and art activist. Rostov-on-Don, Russia
Oksana Begma grew up in an artist's family. From the age of three, she participated in the plein-airs conducted by her father. She is fluent in almost all techniques of painting, graphics and applied art. Her favorite theme is urban landscapes of old and disappearing Rostov-on-Don.

She is a member of the Union of Russian Artists and the International Association of Art (IAA) of UNESCO.

Her works can be seen in the Rostov Museum of Fine Arts, in the Taganrog Art Museum, in the Museum of Local History in Brezno (Slovakia), in the collection of the Art Park "Museon" (Moscow).

The artist is a regular participant of international art symposiums, social and charitable projects.
Oksana Begma
Works of Oksana Begma
Works of Oksana Begma