May paints on Mira street

Май, 2019
712 artworks were created on May 18 by the participants of the IV festival "Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?" from 12 countries
The dream of many Volgograd citizens, the artist Victor Losev and architect Efim Levitan came true. The Mira Street became a pedestrian street. Where yesterday there was the roadway, artists from 12 countries presented their works of art created in the the artists-in-residence program "Creation of the Mir": Volgograd and its environs, conceptual works dedicated to peace and friendship.
"Even though it was only one day, but people came, got acquainted with artists, their ideas, devoted time to art and got acquainted with each other", said Marina Voronova, director of the festival "Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?".

The Mira street connected two projects dedicated to peace, art and friendship of cities - the festival "Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?" and "First Mira Street" of the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts (VMFA) named after I.Mashkov. The event was joined by the Volzhsky city, where the artists went to the most beautiful and romantic Fountain Street to paint the city and passers-by.

So, the festival "Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?" was held along two lines and at two points on the map of the Volgograd region - the Mira street (Volgograd) and Fountain street (Volzhsky), exhibition halls of the VMFA n.a. I.Mashkov on the Lenin Prospekt and Marshal V.Chuikov street, where the exhibition of painting and graphics by Viktor Losev "Art belongs to the people" opened on the eve.

"I'm very glad that I came to the festival "Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?", says Serbian artist Zoran Andzhelkovich. "Art relieves the tension between people, makes them friends."

"We decided to develop cooperation between our cities and countries, to exchange exhibitions, to make projects that help to understand and accept other cultures, practices and points of view", adds Andrey Dukhovnikov, the director of the Vitebsk Center of Modern Art.

More than 15 thousand Volgograd citizens and guests took part in the festival events. The participants of the artist-in-residence "Creation of the Mir" donated 56 works to the V.Losev Museum.

"The event changed Volgograd, - says publicist Pavel Zarifullin, - there was a break in consciousness, in the city of military parades people created works of art, danced and sang.