In the beginning was the Word

December, 2018
The artists-in-residence program of the IV festival "Excuse me, have you seen Mr. Losev?" received a name.
The artists-in-residence program will work from 14th to 19th of May, 2019 during the festival "Excuse me, have you seen Mr. Losev?". It was named "Creation of the Mir". The Slavic word "mir" is used in English.

"The meaning of the word "mir" is wider," the technical director of the festival Gleb Astankov explains a decision. "Many meanings of British words corresponds it - "universe", "world" and "peace". This year's festival is dedicated to the great date - 75 years of cooperation between Volgograd and Coventry as twin cities, which later led to the world movement of twin cities.

Initially it was in cities destroyed during the Second World War and rebuilt. Inhabitants of these cities realized the price, value and fragility of the world better than others on the planet, and they reinvented it. They relieved tension, neutralized misunderstanding through knowing something else - they communicated with representatives of other countries and cultures, visited them, did joint projects in art, science and economy."

Viktor Losev became a festival symbol. He survived shelling and bombing of Stalingrad and lost his brother in the war. He also invented the world. He was one of the few post-war artists of the Soviet Union who refused from romanticization the war, images and scenes in which people kill each other - even for the sake of peace. He painted citizens in the context of peaceful daily life - playing chess, reading, drinking beer. In those moments when they had no desire to win or revenge. He created a picturesque retrospective of construction of a new city, the City of the Peace, which idea was gradually forgotten by inhabitants of Volgograd.

"I think that artists who will meet in Volgograd will remind you of value of the world," a curator Dmitriy Grushevskiy comments on the name of the artists-in-residence program, "and will show that different Gods, cultural codes, economic models are the best reasons for communication and mutual knowledge."