Creators & Peace witnesses

May, 2019
Artists from Volgograd's twin cities met and started working at the artists-in-residence program "Creation of the Mir"
Today there are 26 artists who represent different styles of fine arts (http://losevfest.info/participants). They will have to understand and comprehend the city, which during the 20th century changed its name three times, survived two destructive wars, was raised from the ashes and is again in search of a mission.
You can become a witness to the birth of art and join the work of artists at four places. Katarina Balunova, Mikhail Gulin and Philip Krikunov are creating masterpieces at the Institute of Art Education of VGSPU. Zoran Andzhelkovich, Dmitry Gushchin, Natalia Kostiuchenko, Ekaterina Oskina, Vladimir Simonyan and Anton Chubakov are working on the central embankment. In the square named after S.Filipov, Viktor Losev's favorite place, is occupied by Inna Fedorova and Alexei Trubetskov.

The School of Drawing "Be Art" (22 Sovetskaya Street) is home to Kaushik Gupta, Katharina Balunova, Andrei Dukhovnikov, Patimat Huseynova and Semyon Lukansi, who, thanks to the high-speed painting of the tricolor, gathered curious citizens in the yard.

And almost anywhere in the city you can suddenly meet Chris O'Connell.
"Despite the fact that Volgograd's twin cities belonged to different political systems, different cultures, their fates are similar," says the curator of the project "Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?" Dmitry Grushevsky. "They survived industrialization, they were destroyed during World War II and were restored, then faced with the problems of deindustrialization, and today they are looking for a place in the new economy, competing for human and financial resources."
"Volgograd has found the right idea to present itself as a global center of public diplomacy, a city on the guard of peace," says Indian artist Kaushik Gupta. "I think the artists-in-residence program "Creation of the Mir" will work every year, maybe in different cities, inventing the World anew, glueing it together with artists work and friendship"