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May, 2019
The author of the book "Victor Losev", art critic Tatyana Gafar met with readers in the M. Gorky Library
"History of the book began a long time ago", said Tatyana Gafar. "17 years ago the rector of Volgograd State Medical University, professor Vladimir Petrov proposed to publish a gift album with reproductions of the works of Victor Losev to give it to the guests of Volgograd. And I wrote the text. It was based on memories, archival materials and media publications collected by gallery owner Irina Basova and sculptor Oleg Dedov. Unfortunately, we did not find the funds for the publication at that time. The unfinished work was at home."

In 2012 the text was rewrited for the yearbook "Alternatives of regional development", which was published as a result of the annual conference dedicated to the memory of statesman and scientist Ivan Shabunin. The yearbook was also not printed due to lack of funds. But the digital publishing was released.

This year the text was supplemented with new facts and was published with the support of the Presidential Grants Fund.

"The Institute of Regional Economics and Social Design is also continuing its work on the artist's biography," said the curator of the project "Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev? Dmitry Grushevsky.

The research was like a Dan Brown-style quest. The first edition of the newspaper "City news" of 1990 was lost. In it the poem about the artist written by Mikhail Davydov has been published. Victor Losev's personal file stored in the regional office of the Union of Russian Artists disappeared. The main document of the epoch - the film about Victor Losev "There is such an artist" created in 1970 by journalist Lubov Bogatova and director Vitaly Menshikh - disappeared from the archive of the TV and radio company "Volgograd-TRV". But researchers don't give up.

"Tatyana Gafar's book is the first and bright attempt of a systemic view on the work of Victor Losev", says the head of the department of art literature of the M. Gorky Library Liya Polyakova.