Worker solidarity day

May, 2019
The work on the program of the festival, which will be held on May 18 on Mira Street in Volgograd, is over. It is based on the combination of two ideas and projects.
Guests of the festival will meet with artists from Armenia, Belarus, Great Britain, Germany, India, Italy, Russia and Serbia, will create artworks together, will participate in lectures and master classes.

The program includes proposals for the stomach, mind and soul - coffee, tea, cakes, quests, concert and dance programs, performances, exhibitions, installations, tours of the Mira Street and the Palace of Arts, where you can meet sculptors Peter Chaplygin and Victoria Chaplygina, painter and cartoonist Georgy Timofeev, master classes on traditional Chinese arts from the Confucius Institute.

The festival is based on the combination of the projects " Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?" and "First Mira Street", developed by the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts named after I.Mashkov and the Foundation for Development of the Museum of Fine Arts "New Museum".

"It was not our decision," comments Varvara Ozerina, director of the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts named after I.Mashkov. "The city as a living organism took the initiative to push something it lacks into the public discourse. All we have to do is to hear, to catch up and to develop. The project "Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?" is dedicated to artists living and working in cities, their natural connection with the environment". The "First Mira street" project is about the line on the city map - which is a potentially strong brand. This project is about the place where history, high quality architecture, the city's attractions and the meanings of the architects who created the City of Peace after the Battle of Stalingrad are concentrated. It's about the attitude of citizens to their own history and environment.

"This is the favorite street of the artist Victor Losev," says Marina Voronova the director of the festival "Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?". "This year the program is dedicated to Peace. Artists from twin cities will meet and work together in the artist-in-residence "Creation of the Mir", which we also invented with the Volgograd Museum of Fine Arts named after I.Mashkov.