The science to help creators

March, 2019
The first volunteers of the IV festival «Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?» are the members of the March session of children's camp «Eaglet»
17 students and seniors signed up for the volunteer. They attended trainings and master classes of decision-making, team building and presentation of projects, organized by the Institute of Regional Economy and Social Design in the children's recreation camp «Eaglet». At the workshop «The City of Peace is the City of Dreams» they developed and presented to each other their own concepts of the City of Peace, where they would like to live, grow up and create.

«I can see that the project has fascinated,» says Anatoliy Roshchin, the head of the volunteer service of festival «Excuse me, have you seen Mr.Losev?». «Volunteers didn't feel like they were workers, but rather like personalities capable to offer and realize their own ideas and create a city for themselves».

«We are impressed by the idea of returning Volgograd to the status of a global city of the world,» says Vyacheslav Kharchenko, a student of the Volgograd State Social and Pedagogical University. «We are ready to join in and contribute to the common cause.»

«We like the idea of Dmitry Grushevsky, the curator of the project, to acquaint the guests of the festival not only with the heritage of Victor Losev, but also with modern conservative and paradoxical artists, to combine the art of the city and the country,» adds Daria Grigoryeva, a student of Gymnasium No.15. «So I will contribute to the success of the project.»

The volunteers have five main tasks: to help visiting artists and festival guests to navigate in the city; to translate (English, Italian, German, Polish, Serbian, Hindi); to provide good mood; to organize flash mobs, quests, master classes, lectures, film screenings and concerts; to assist artists.

«Everyone can become a volunteer,» the festival director Marina Voronova comments, «for this purpose it is necessary to contact the project office through social networks or information systems «Volunteers of Russia» and «Youth of Russia».