The festival invites friends

January, 2019
Artists from twin cities located in Europe, Asia, Africa and North America are invited to Volgograd.
The project became the winner of the competition of the Presidential Grants Foundation for civil society development in the nomination "Support for projects in the field of culture and art" and received the opportunity to invite artists from the twin cities of Volgograd to the festival.

"We are glad to invite artists, urbanists and curators working with art media — photography, sculpture, painting, graphics, photo and video installations, performance, choreography, public art, etc.," the director of the festival "Excuse me, have you seen Mr. Losev?", Marina Voronova says. "Participatory and community-based art projects are very welcome. In order to become a participant, it is necessary to fill up a form, which is posted on the festival website, its pages in social media, and wait for the invitation."

The theme of the IV festival and the artists-in-residence program "Creation of the Mir", which will provide artists with a workshop for collective use, is the 75th anniversary of twin cities relations between Stalingrad (Volgograd) and Coventry, the founders of the global twin cities movement. It is expected that the artists will draw works of art dedicated to peace, friendship and the city on the Volga, will meet with colleagues and citizens. Also they will create a memorable album with works which will go to the libraries and schools of arts of the participating cities.

"The post-war Stalingrad, which was built according to a new general plan as the City of the Peace, became the center of pilgrimage for artists," art expert, head of the development service of small museums of the State Tretyakov Gallery, Tatiana Gafar comments. "The bright city event of May develops the traditions established in 1942 and continued by the festivals "Unknown Movement", "Vkratze!!", "Vita-art-time", "(Re)Inventing the Public", communicative projects of Andrey Lisitskiy, Natalia Leontieva, Elena Sobinova, John Matton and Fedor Yermolov."

Open call:
 — rus: https://u.to/SoOiFA
 — eng: https://u.to/nIOiFA

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