.irina afanasyeva

Graphic artist and teacher. Krasnodar, Russia
Irina Afanasyeva works in printmaking techniques - etching, linocut, calligraphy. She explores the relationship between man and nature, which is home, food, inspiration and burial place of waste, i.e. garbage. The works are characterised by the straightness, categorical nature of the work and by a clear emphasis on the main property of the object from the author's point of view. She is a participant of the international projects "Borders and Space", "The Artist's Book. From gravure to art object", "The second graphic exchange 25x20" (Australia, Mexico, Russia), projects by Academy of Fine Arts Berlin in Krasnodar.

She conducts printmaking master classes for children and adults.
Irina Afanasyeva
Works of Irina Afanasyeva
Works of Irina Afanasyeva